Results' Summary


The DeA Capital Group’s key Statement of Financial Position and Income Statement figures to 30 September 2018 are shown below, compared with the year-earlier figures.

(Euro milion)09/30/1801/01/18 adjusted *12/31/17 as reported
Nav / share (€)1.831.801.91
Group Nav463.4459.4489.4
Investments portfolio322.4397.0396.5
Net Financial Position - Holdings140.361.892.3
Net Financial Position - Consolidated179.898.4128.9

(*) The adjusted results at 1 January 2018 reflect the figure at 31 December 2017 updated for (i) the distribution of the extraordinary dividend of € 0.12 per share for a total of € 30.5 million, carried out in May 2018 and (ii) the increase of € 0.5 million in the Investment Portfolio / NAV connected with the application, as from 1 January 2018, of IFRS 15.

(Euro milion)First nine months of 2018First nine months of 2017
Group Net Profit/(loss)6.96.2
Comprehensive income (Group share)6.621.9